Americana Band, The Curry's, Prepare for April Debut Album Release

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The Curry's are an Americana band who have formed from the roots of Port St.

Joe in Florida, where the group came together and began to record and perform. The band is set to release their debut album 'Follow' April 29th, and are gearing up for a strong rise in the music industry.

The contemporary folk band mixes their Americana vibes with some more pop-rock sounds as well, creating for an easy listening experience for listeners and fans. This is the first album release for the band, but The Curry's have been performing together for years now, from bars in their hometown of Florida to pubs in Ireland.

The members of The Curry's grew up and have been performing in the South for years now.

They have even performed alongside the Grammy Award winning country artist Billy Dean during his set at the 60th Florida Folk Fest, all while working with Grammy-award winning and nominated producers and performers.

In 2012, the band had the opportunity to travel around the countryside of Ireland for a headlining tour, which was also captured and documented for PBS's 'From The Heart Music Hour'.

During this time, the band performed 14 shows in 20 days, and a camera crew followed behind and recorded their entire journey through Ireland, gaining much success with their music and a following of fans while on the way.

After the tour, the band gathered together and relocated to Charlottesville to pursue their music career. It was 2013 when the group decided to begin writing and producing demos of their music that would soon be produced for their debut album 'Follow'.

Many of the influences that can be heard in The Curry's music and debut album comes from playing music in the South and traveling around to put on shows for fans and listeners.

To take a listen to what The Curry's have in store for their debut album release coming late April, head over to, and be on the lookout for the band's debut album release coming April 29th!