Prince Promises New Album, But When Will It Arrive?

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In June Prince emerged from hiding to promise at least one, but perhaps two new full-length albums.

He said the same thing in a July interview but nearly two months after he first promised the new records neither has a release date.

The enigmatic singer has been more visible in recent months. He recorded a song with "New Girl's" Zoey Deschannel and has worked with rapper Rita Ora where the singer actually raps.

He told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he was working on an album which he hoped to release as a completed body of work, not as singles.

A Star Tribune reporter confirmed the existence of new Prince music calling the song he did with Ora an "aggressive and menacing" rap song..

He also described a second song as a joyful ballad, "This Could Be Us," that Prince said was inspired by a meme of him riding on a motorcycle with his Purple Rain costar and pop-star expat Apollonia Kotero.

The Star Tribune reporter described that song as "joyful" and praised its "ecstatic Prince vocalizing."

The singer has also reportedly finished a full-length album with his sometimes backing band 3rd Eye Girl.

Still, despite their existence and the fact that Prince once again has an agreement to distribute his music with Warner Bros. Records, no release date has been set for either record.

Despite the silence as to an actual release it appears that one, or both, albums are imminent. Prince has always worked outside the music industry norms and it appears that he is building up momentum for a major return.

Of course, with Prince, anything is possible, but in this case, he appears to have completed music and the only question is exactly when he will put it out. The answer appears to be soon and in full album form.