'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey Gets His Heart Broken in Halsey's 'Colors' Music Video

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Man is Halsey going to have to watch out after this one. Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey hangs up his wolf status and guest stars in Halsey's new music video for her track, "Colors," off the hit album Badlands.

While he is normally turning into a werewolf to protect his pack and the people of Beacon Hills, Posey takes one another role in the "Colors" music video. He's a popular guy in a preppy high school who seems to have his eye on Halsey. For a minute we all think that the feeling is mutual.

That's until the end of the video comes and it's revealed that Halsey is actually crushing on Posey's dad. Man, what a plot twist. She's lucky Posey didn't transform into a werewolf and seek revenge.

Both Posey and Halsey have been teasing the music video for some time now and fans finally get to see the finished product. "Colors" is one of the top tracks from Halsey's Badlands album that has gotten rave reviews from fans.

Meanwhile the Teen Wolf star has had a pretty big week after taking on the Beast in the MTV show and battling it out with supermodel Gigi Hadid on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle.

You can watch Posey and Halsey in the "Colors" music video below.