Andy Blunda Releases Second Solo EP 'Messages'

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Andy Blunda is an indie-rock artist you may have heard of in another form besides his own solo creations - whether it be his work as a guitarist for Fastball or his work as a guitarist and keyboardist for Paloalto.

Blunda just recently released his second solo EP 'Messages'. His work is similar to those of Beach House, Neon Indian and Wild Nothing, with soft indie synths.

The release will be a compilation of "80's new wave and moody indie pop with emotive vocals".

Blunda is experienced in many different instruments, including guitar, piano and keyboard. The artist toured with Fastball at the young age of 20 and with the success of their debut single "The Way", toured with the band for two years.

After performing and touring with Fastball, the multi-instrumentalist joined Paloalto and recorded two albums with Rick Rubin on his American Recordings label.

During all of his time producing work and performing with Fastball and Paloalto, Blunda was also spending some time writing material of his own, which he chose to persue and go forward with.

Blunda's sound is what I would describe as synthy and earthy, music that I could spend my time writing to. The synth sounds Blunda incorporates into his work is very 80's-ish, with a mix of the indie-pop sounds some popular artists use in their own work today.

After listening to 'Messages', I felt relaxed - and paired it with an evening spent writing, sipping wine.

The tracks aren't too slow, but have a softer sound than a lot of indie-pop artists in the industry now, creating a relaxing environment.

To take a listen for yourself to 'Messages', released on January 7th, and other work from Andy Blunda, head to!