Kanye West Fires Shots Back At Wiz Khalifa Saying He Stole Kid Cudi's Style

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Last night it doesn't appear that Wiz Khalifa took a liking to Kanye West changing the name of his album to Waves. Now Kanye is firing back at Khalifa and tells him that he stole his style from Kid Cudi.

(Full Rant Below)

Kanye started his shots at Khalifa saying that he is the best that's ever made music and accused Khalifa of putting his wife's initials in a tweet.

He might be referring to the tweet where Khalifa told fans to hit the KK which also stands for "Khalifa kush." Kanye then accused Khalifa of stealing his style from Kid Cudi, maybe referring to the whole stoner vibe that Cudi had when he first broke onto the scene.

Khalifa called Kanye a fool and told him that KK was in fact weed that he was referring to.

As if things didn't get crazy enough, Kanye told Khalifa that his first single is corny. Funny enough the first single released of of Khalifa is "Bake Sale" featuring Travis Scott, who is a close friend of Kanye.

Kanye continued to troll Khalifa with his own lyrics from "Work Hard, Play Hard" and a laughing/crying Kimoji. Khalifa ended by saying Kanye was not wavy and he should go back to Swish for an album title.

All of this stems from Khalifa's dismay when Kanye changed the name of his album from Swish to Waves. Khalifa said that Max B was the real originator of waves and wavy and it sparked some clarification from Kanye. Kanye shot back by saying that he is an OG and should be respected as such.

He accused Khalifa of coming at him out the side of his neck and even brought Amber Rose and Sebastian into the mix. Kanye claimed that Khalifa was trapped by Rose because of their child.

The onslaught seemed as if it wouldn't end.

The Twitter feud hasn't died down and it looks like Kanye might be taking back his words in his "Cold" track. You can check out the full responses from both Kanye and Khalifa below.

Update: Kanye returns and says the sad part is that he loves Khalifa and all people and that Waves is actually a gospel album with good energy and positivity. (See Tweets Below)