Metallica Set To Re-release Master Of Puppets With Remastered Audio

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Metallica are set to re-release their classic 1986 album 'Master of Puppets'. This is not just any old re-release because the audio has been remastered to make the sound quality better than it has been heard ever before.

As you might know, '80s recording technology is primitive compared to the type of devices used today.

Well this re-release of 'Master of Puppets' has been remastered and it's arguably the best quality you can get listening to the original recordings.

The band released on YouTube a video for the song 'Disposable Heroes' and the remaster sounds excellent. The guitars sound crisp and clear, plus it's easier to listen to Cliff Burton's amazing bass guitar work.

I'm not kidding when I say this is the best version of the song available to date. The sound quality truly is excellent.

The re-release of Master of Puppets will be released worldwide on November 10th on multiple different formats.

You can get the album digitally, on CD or old-school vinyl. Vinyl is really old, although retro music fans still love the format which is why it still exists today.

You can get the standard album that just consists of the original 8 songs remastered. Alternatively, you can opt to buy the many other expensive versions that include more bonuses for you to listen to.

This includes live recordings for some of their performances during their 1986 tour. Some other things you can listen to include old demos, outtakes and previously unreleased interviews. They even added some rare interviews with the late great Cliff Burton too.

If you want to know more about this re-release, you can visit Metallica's official website by clicking here. The remastered audio of 'Disposable Heroes' can be heard down below.

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