Can't fade from Franky

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There are certain times when I don't expect to find great music and it was one of those times. I was just browsing through irrelevant Youtube videos that showed hilarious vines of a little kid named Terio who, coincidentally, is a vine sensation.

I clicked on a video compilation of his and it began with a song that had a groovy, jazzy beat with a soft vocal.

I was so captured by it that it made me stop the video and find the whole song. The song called "Moth To Your Flame" is by a California native who goes by the name of Franky Fade. This song describes Fade's infatuation with a lovely woman whom he is totally captured by.
"Moth To Your Flame" is featured on his EP "Populoner" which was just released last month.

"Populoner" consists of songs like "We Still Breathe" and "Faster Than An Idiot" which have the classic West Coast synthesized instruments and dope bassline. He mixes this with some hip hop drumming to create some urban magic.

And although there is no video for his EP, "This Side of Perfect," another groovy song, shows how a simple video can express pain and frustration.

Franky made quite a few covers before he released his EP that include Miguel's "How Many Drinks?" and "Rescue You" by Ryan Leslie which showcase his smooth R&B vocals.
Make sure to download his EP and subscribe to his Youtube and Souncloud to get the latest from this up and coming artist.