Ariana Grande is Dating Big Sean?

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Ariana Grande dropped a new song today featuring Big Sean and Internet rumor has it the two artists are dating.

Ariana Grande dropped a slow love song today titled "Best Mistake" which features Big Sean doing his thing. The song has steadily been getting views and is currently at 30,000 on YouTube.

What is also interesting is that
The Huffington Post is reporting that they have a source who claims two have been spending a lot of time together and have been getting close.

Whether this means dating or not is unclear, however, Twitter fans seem to agree that the two are together.

Grande and Big Sean are both "officially" single after going through breakups, Grande's relationship with Jai Brooks ended earlier this month and Big Sean broke off his engagement Naya Riviera, so there is definitely a chance the two may be seeing each other.

The two met after collaborating on their hit song, "Problem" however, it seems they may have found the solution to their break ups in each other.