Howard Stern and High Pitch Erik Talk Joey Boots' Death

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If you're a Howard Stern megafan like us, you couldn't wait until the holidays were over to hear new episodes of The Howard Stern Show -- but today, there was sad news to share.

In case you didn't hear, Joey Boots, one of our favorite Wack Packers, passed away on Christmas Eve 2016. He was found by one of his best friends, High Pitch Erik (who is also a Wack Packer), ice cold in his room during a podcast.

Joey was known for yelling "Bababooey" during live TV events. Over the holidays, there were many well-wishers who remembered Joey.

Howard discussed how Joey used money from a rehab commercial to buy cocaine, and how Joey came out as gay on the show. Howard also explained how broken up Erik was because of the death.

High Pitch Erik Remembers Joey Boots

After discussing Joey, Howard brought High Pitch Erik on to talk about how he found Joey, and their friendship.

Erik explained that over the last few weeks of Joey's life, the two of them had a falling out over a woman, but they were able to reconcile before the death.

On the day of Joey's death, Erik and Joey were going to do a podcast. He explained that he had just taken a nap and got called by Gonzo to be on his podcast.

So Erik went upstairs to see what was going on with Joey.

He called Joey from outside to see if he could hear Joey's phone, and when he heard the phone, he realized something was wrong. He got the building super to open the door, and Erik went in first.

Erik found Joey slumped over in his chair in front of a desk.

Joey was cold and had no pulse. Erik said "on the night of Joey's death I wanted to do something to myself because Joey was gone." He decided not to because Joey wouldn't have wanted that.

Even while A--- Napkin Ed attacked him and accused of profiting off Joey's death, Erik remained respectful and was highly broken up over the death. Erik also held a memorial service for Joey.

We wish Erik all the best in this difficult time. Rest in peace Joey. Erik and Joey were clearly great friends.

Here's Erik describing how he found Joey:

Here's a tribute to Joey from the show:

And here's a clip of Joey on TV:

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