Berner Releases 'Pass Me The Green' Featuring Migos and 'Ot' Featuring Wiz Khalifa

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One of Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang Entertainment rappers Berner released two new singles with "Pass Me The Green" featuring Migos and "Ot" featuring Wiz Khalifa.

(Audio Below)

The first of the two songs is "Pass Me The Green" and it is all about the stoner lifestyle. The hyped beat is right down Migos' alley as they are known for their hyped style of rapping. There are solid verses all around from Berner and Migos.

The second track "Ot" is about dedication and not minding having to be on the road a lot because of all of the money that comes when you tour.

Also highlighted are some of the crazy situations that may happen while you're on tour.

"Mac Dre. Too $hort.


These are some of the names that come to mind when you think of Bay area rap," says Taylor Gang Ent. "Now, San Francisco native, Gilbert Milam Jr., better known in the rap game simply as, Berner, has his eye set at being the next great artist to put on for the Bay.

Starting off participating in rap battles at local coffee shops and open mic nights in the San Francisco area in 2007, Berner took things to the next level by turning his passion into his career."

His "20 Lights" EP is expected to be released tomorrow. So fans can look forward to these tracks and more for Taylor Gang's Bay Area talent.

Listen to "Pass Me The Green" and "Ot" Below