A$AP Rocky's 'Yamborghini High' Honors A$AP Yams

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When A$AP Rocky lost A$AP Yams he and the A$AP crew were rocked. However, Rocky and his crew are moving forward by honoring Yams in a new track "Yamborghini High."

"Yamborghini High" features A$AP Rocky's genuine style of rap with celebratory and braggadocios lyrics. Rocky transforms Lamborghini to "Yamborghini" after his fallen friend A$AP Yams.

The track is hyped and really represents the party persona that Yams had when he was alive. "Yamborghini High" is one of the best ways that the crew could pay tribute to Yams who died earlier this year.

"At Hong Kong's Cockenflap Festival (Nov. 28), Pretty Flacko recently previewed a new track during his headlining set called 'Yamborghini High,' a salute to one of the A$AP Mob's late members, A$AP Yams," according to Billboard.

The publication also reported that Rocky is working on an A$AP Yams album, a project that Rocky said was going to be a duo album, according to the report.

There is no word on when the A$AP Yams project will be released, however, if there is one thing we know about Rocky, it's that he will go all out to honor his fallen friend.

You can check out the audio of "Yamborghini High" below.

Listen to the audio of "Yamborghini High" below.