Drake and Leslie Jones' SNL Promo is Hilarious

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When it was announced that Drake would be hosting SNL fans began stirring with excitement. Now, the latest promo for Drake's episode of SNL featuring Leslie Jones will have you laughing long before SNL airs.

In the video below, Jones can't seem to get enough of Drake's butt.

He politely asked her to refrain from touching it, however, Jones says he could not promise her that. Jones also says Drake is happy person and threatened Drake into believing that she is the same way.

Interestingly enough, Jones really wants to spank Drake like a baby. Drake says he doesn't really want to play a baby so Jones elected for another skit however, it still ended with her spanking him like a baby.

Drake agreed that it was good material anyway.

Drake even broke into a song about being spanked like a baby. Towards the end of the promo Jones forced Drake to sit on her lap as the two showed off their hilarious chemistry.

It looks like Saturday's SNL episode featuring Drake is shaping up to be a pretty big one. You can watch the Drake and Leslie Jones SNL promo video below.

Watch Drake and Leslie Jones' SNL Promo