Dionysus Reveals His Diamond Grin

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The mysterious electronic dance music artist Dionysus reveals himself. Until now, no official photos have been released of Dionysus.

With only a few days before his Japan tour, Dionysus releases close up shots of his face. Dionysus has been keeping a secret, there are diamonds embedded in his smile.

So, it seems that the Greek party god will be grinning diamonds all the way to Japan.

Dionysus is scheduled to perform in Shibuya, the famous fashion and entertainment district of Tokyo. Shows are set for Friday, June 27th at Module and Saturday and July 5th 2014 at Womb.

Dionysus is creating a new two-hour live electronic dance music performance specifically for the Tokyo Dreams Tour.

"In order to take things to the next level, I'm enhancing my performance software and writing new tracks," Dionysus mentioned regarding the upcoming shows.

Dionysus is motivated by deep passions for both music and technology.

In addition to creating original music, Dionysus also develops original music software, which he uses to his live performance. Dionysus is exploring new possibilities for live electronic dance music performance.

"I make music. I make software. I make software that makes music." This is how Dionysus describes what he does while locked in the studio.

Dionysus has been producing electronic dance music since 1996.

Viewing himself as "part electronic musician and part computer scientist," Dionysus combines these talents to create a compelling and interactive electronic dance music performance.

With three full-length album releases in the last two years, Dionysus consistently delivers precision artistry and tight production in every musical creation.