The Wu-Tang Clan Is Back, Release 'Ron O'Neal'

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Last night the Wu-Tang Clan made a historic appearance on the John Stewart's "The Daily Show" according to and today they drop the official version of "Ron O'Neal," their newest track.

Method Man, Ghostface Killah and RZA are featured on this song. The beat is smooth and Method Man, Ghostface and RZA do it plenty of justice with classic verses that will send chills down the spine of fans.

The track is supposedly the first single off their upcoming album "A Better Tomorrow." The hook also features the words a better tomorrow which suggests a possible theme of the album.

The lyrics are about street life and hustling and working hard to provide yourself a better tomorrow, with a little bit of violence sprinkled in.

Head over to to listen to the track and stay tuned for more news on the resurgence of the Wu-Tang Clan.