Keith Alan Mitchell Prepares for Debut Release of 'This Clumsy World'

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Next month marks the release date for singer and songwriter Keith Alan Mitchell's new full-length debut album 'This Clumsy World'.

The acoustic rock and indie-folk artist from San Francisco is similar to the liking of The Head and The Heart and The Shins, and is sure to win over fans of these well-known and talented musical artists.

In the past, Mitchell had been in bands both in Ohio, where he is from, and California, before deciding to go solo with his work to create this new compilation.

'This Clumsy World', being released on June 20th, is self-produced by Mitchell himself and mastered by Brian Lucey, who also assisted in the works of The Black Keys and The Shins.

He was influenced by many different artists while writing and producing his music, including David Gray and Tom Petty.

"All the songs have to do with breaking free in some way - escaping, moving on, even disappearing," Mitchell explained of the album.

"That can be a good thing, like breaking out of old patterns or old disagreements, but it can also mean people moving away from each other, being adrift and not grounded," he continued.

When listening to the album, I fell in love instantly. This is the perfect release for the upcoming summer months, great for car drives and road trips.

There is a hint of California sound, and the indie-folk mixes well with warm weather.

I would love to see Mitchell perform live in an evening outdoor setting, and might have to make the trip out to the West Coast to do so.

This is Mitchell's first album , and in promotion to the release, the songwriter will be performing a number of events and shows beginning on the day of the release in San Francisco.

To listen to what Keith Alan Mitchell has to offer fans, listen below.

For more information on tour dates and releases, be sure to visit - we're looking forward to more from this talented and soothing songwriter.