New Single from Soulja Boy and Big Boss A. Goff coming soon

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It looks like there is going to be a new single from Soulja Boy very soon. Specifically on the 24th of this month and it will be featuring Big Boss A.Goff who is currently apart of Soulja Boy's label.

Based on the title, 'Gold Bricks,' it will certainly be featuring a lot of money as per usual.

Recently Soulja released his 4th studio album entitled 'Loyalty.' Only one music video was shot to promote the album and it was the song 'Do Nothing but the Money.'

('Do Nothing but the Money' Music Video Below)

The album isn't a major hit yet probably because there aren't many feature tracks on it. Only one of the 15 tracks has someone other than Soulja.

The one feature comes from Rich the Kid who isn't exactly a big name right now. Soulja does very well but if he had more big names on the album I'm sure it would get more attention.