Howard Stern Makes Bobo Write A 'Term Paper' As Punishment, Bans Him Until He Passes

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On today's Howard Stern Show, Howard brought Greg Gutfeld on to discuss what punishment to give Bobo for joke theft.

Howard Stern Says Bobo Stole Greg Gutfeld's Joke

During a past episode of the Howard Stern Show, Bobo called in and made a witty joke/comment about the election.

Everyone on the show was impressed because Bobo rarely says anything particularly witty. It wasn't until later that they learned that Bobo had stolen the joke from Greg Gutfeld on Fox News' The Five.

When Howard found out that Bobo had plagiarized Gutfeld, he wasn't happy, and he decided that Bobo needed to be punished...but what would the punishment be?

Well, now we have the answer.

Howard Stern and Greg Gutfeld Make a Plan

With Gutfeld and Bobo on the line, Howard decided to give Gutfeld the choice of punishment.

Gutfeld was mostly upset because Bobo took one of his "bad jokes," but he decided to come up with a punishment anyway.

At first, Gutfeld said, "I think [Bobo] should spend more time with his family," but Howard and Robin said that would be a punishment for his family.

The brainstorming session then turned to Bobo's hairpiece.

Gutfeld suggested having Bobo spend one day a week without his toupee. But Howard wanted something more, so he suggested making Bobo wear a t-shirt that says "I wear a really bad toupee" or "My hair is not real."

The final decision was that Bobo had to wear a t-shirt that says "I wear a bad toupee and I steal Greg Gutfeld's jokes" for a month in public.

Bobo Must Write a 750 Word Term Paper

Caller Ralph, however, wasn't happy with Bobo's punishment, and wanted him to be banned for the Christmas season: "Bobo is a dull, lying, wig-wearing plagiarist...for the holidays give everybody the gift of no Bobo." Howard and Robin agreed, as did Gutfeld.

After additional deliberation, Howard and Gutfeld decided that Bobo would be banned until the third week of December; but there was an additional twist: Bobo had to write an original "term paper" about why plagiarism is wrong.

At first, Gutfeld wanted him to write a 1000 word paper with footnotes, but the crew eventually agreed on 750 words.

It was also decided that Bobo's paper would be graded by a teacher, and if he got a "C" or below, he'd be banned for two more weeks. If was any sign of plagiarism, he'd be banned for a year.

Later in the show, Maryann called in, freaking out about Bobo's punishment. She said Bobo called her and was concerned about counting 750 words.

Howard said Bobo would have to write the paper in front of a proctor.

What will happen with Bobo's paper? Will he be banished for good? Let us know what you think.

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