Maximo Park Prepares for Eventful 2014

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Maximo Park is spending the start of the new year preparing for an eventful year ahead. The band will be releasing their new album 'Too Much Information' in early February.

In promotion of their forthcoming album, Maximo Park will also be releasing their single "Leave This Island" on January 27th, and touring around the UK.

Their upcoming single is "taken from a remarkable collection of songs that pulse with life and intent, and reveal a band that can still startle and provoke without having lost any of their restless energy," a recent press release stated.

"The single itself surges into view with a drumbeat and a ripple of synths framing Paul Smith's vocal before culminating in a sweep of uplifting emotion: a band at the top of their game."

Along with the single release of "Leave This Island", Maximo Park will be airing a music video / short film to accompany the track. This video uses the song as a soundtrack, and the band worked with video artist Matt Stokes to complete the project.

The short film features a real life urban hermit living in the outer reaches of East London.

"The man lives in his detached reality, surrounded by domestic clutter, his actions depicting a blissful life less ordinary - a final, poignant game of chess outlines his isolated existence," the press release continues.

"Leave This Island" will be available at the end of the month, right before the release of their new album 'Too Much Information'.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information on some upcoming tour dates for Maximo Park, and snag a copy of both the single and new album, out soon!