Kanye calls out Nike at Big Sean show

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During Big Sean's Grammy weekend concertKanye West took to the stage and continued his anit-Nike campaign.

He has been on a recent tear of the athletic wear giant that he claims held back his creativity when he was designing shoes for them.

(Kanye calling out Nike at Big Sean concert Below)

With his new bride Kim Kardashian being as famous as it gets for all the wrong reasons Kanye has been out shined as of late.

But that tide seems to be turning as Kanye is probably going to have a new album produced by none other than Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

(Kayne Discussing frustration with Nike on Ellen Below)

Yeezus was certainly chop full of tracks that screamed out Kanye's growing frustration with big corporations. Specifically he was heavy handed on Nike.

But now Kanye is coming out with a whole new clothing and shoe line with none other than Adidas, the second biggest name behind Nike.

In recent interviews Kanye has been adamant that Nike was holding his creativity back and he wasn't able to breathe. But Adidas has let him out of the binding contracts and messy inner issues. It would seem that Mr. West has everything going for him right now.

A happy family, a new clothing/shoe line, and most likely a new album on the way. It would appear that Kim and North have been very influential in calming him down, turning him down a better path if you will.

When in doubt head northwest.