What to Expect From Wiz Khalifa's 'Rolling Papers 2'

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This year Wiz Khalifa dominated the Billboard charts for weeks at a time with "See You Again" featuring Charlie Puth.

However, that song was strictly made for Furious 7 which broke it's own fair share of records. Now, Khalifa will be releasing Rolling Papers 2 later on this year, so what can we expect from a pure Khalifa project?

Lately Khalifa has been very hard at work on the new album and while his latest track "No Social Media" describes his ideal situation for alone time with the women, Khalifa has been using social media to promote the album as well as give fans a sneak peek into the work behind the scenes. Chances are Khalifa is going to have some pretty big things in store for the album.

In fact, Rolling Papers 2 is so important that Khalifa even skipped the 2015 MTV VMA's to hit the studio and work on the new project, which show his dedication to the new album. So, what can fans expect?

Well, Khalifa has a lot of material to go on after all that's happened since the release of his album Blacc Hollywood 2014. Khalifa has remained a dedicated father to his son Sebastian and it would be hard to think that the album could be completed without a reference to his son and being a father.

The fact that Khalifa took on a lighter tone on "See You Again" may carry over into one or two tracks but for the most part fans should expect nothing but energy from Khalifa.

Who better to help Khalifa bring that energy than Travis Scott. Recently a snippet of a track featuring both artists leaked and it has the makings of a party track similar to Scott's "Antidote.""

One thing is for sure, Khalifa has not fallen away from one of his favorite past times; smoking weed. Khalifa also released a track titled "Burn Slow" featuring Rae Sremmurd and it's obviously a stoner anthem. There is no clear word on whether it's a single off Rolling Papers 2, but as he's referenced weed on all of his previous albums, fans should also expect to hear a ton of smoking references. Khalifa has grown as more than a rapping stoner.

Lyrically he's in the best place he's ever been and doesn't seem to ever run out of material. With all of the success he's had in 2015 you can only expect that it will carry over into Rolling Papers 2.

In all fans should expect a pretty solid album that shows a large amount of growth since Blacc Hollywood.

While there is still no release date for the album, all signs are pointing to later on this year, which means soon considering we're already in mid-September.