Hopsin Releases 'Fly' Music Video To Inspire

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After playing the ultimate prank last year Hopsin has returned to rapping in his realest form with "Fly," where he convinces listeners that everything they were taught is wrong. The music video embellishes on the lyrics even more.

(Video Below)

"Fly" is a new single from Hopsin that was made available on iTunes. It serves as a speech to the world's youth on all of the brands, reality shows, artists and countless companies worldwide that he says fools them into believing what's cool.

He says that they are still stuck in a matrix and it's preventing them from witnessing the world.

He even outs names like Nike and Disney in "Fly." Advertising is compared to brainwashing in this song and video and it's almost like Hopsin is relating to Kanye West's notion that everyone is a slave to brands and their advertising.

In the visual, Hopsin assumes the role of a student who is giving a speech to his classroom while students who are examples of his words continue to pay him little mind. Later on they begin to hear what he's saying to them and they allow themselves to open their minds and be free.

It's an impressive track with a very strong message. You can check out the "Fly" music video below.

Watch Hopsin's "Fly" music video below.