Kathy Griffin Visits Howard Stern, Talks Dancing Naked With Celebs, Burning Sensations (Listen)

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Kathy Griffin was on the Howard Stern Show today, and she and Howard talked about dancing topless with Sharon Stone, and more.

Check out the best parts of the conversation:

Howard Stern and Kathy Griffin Talk Dancing Naked With Sharon Stone

Howard Stern and Kathy Griffin got into a conversation about the election. Kathy says that she and Sharon Stone watched the election together -- both are Hillary Clinton fans. Kathy recounted the event:

I watched the election with Sharon Stone at Sharon Stone's house...At one point we both -- of course we're both Hillary fans -- and when it started to go horribly wrong, she would say "dance break" and both of us took our tops off and we were just shaking our t---...she looks incredible...there were like 20 people there...her friends and up


Not just bras, bras off, and both of us being silly...the Hillary disappointment was so tangible that there was no faux-lesbian stuff.

She later talked about Sharon's body (when Howard asked):

Yep...they looked real, they looked very perky, but she's superwoman

Here's the clip:

Howard Stern and Kathy Griffin Donald Trump's Gut

Kathy next recounted a story about spending the day with Donald Trump and Liza Minelli. She said that Donald spent the day driving the car too fast, and making her and Liza sick:

He had on his pleated dockers and his gut was hanging out....it's just ironic that he really makes fun of women's bodies, and he's a big ol' pear.

Howard Stern and Kathy Griffin Talk About Her Young Boyfriend, Burning Sensations

After Howard Stern introduced the topic of Kathy's younger boyfriend, the crew got into a discussion about sexual accidents and burning sensations.

Howard asked if Kathy had "tremendous needs," and Kathy said that in the first six months of her relationship with her boyfriend, she went to the hospital twice.

Kathy also recounted the story about when she got cystitis. She didn't know what to do, so she called Joan Rivers, who apparently got her to the right doctor that day.

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