George Takei Visits The Howard Stern Show, And Things Get Insane (Listen)

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On yesterday's The Howard Stern Show, George Takei was on, and things got totally insane.

From doing pushups on top of a naked Richard, to talking about shooting his area with a nail gun, nothing was off limits for this special episode.

Howard Stern and Takei celebrated Takei's 80th birthday on the show, and Howard had plenty of treats for Takei.

The first was a Broadway musical group of men who were naked and sang their own X-rated version of Buster Poindexter's 1987 hit "Hot Hot Hot" to him. You can listen to the clip here:

But that was just the start.

Richard and Sal soon got in the fun, agreeing to play "cutest a--hole" with Takei. Takei was given the chance to be the judge of the competition.

Sal and Richard entered, both wearing women's kimonos, and leaned over to show Takei their stuff.

Takei seemed to like both men's assets, but he eventually chose Richard's. Sal then decided to throw in an offer for Takei to have a taste, which of course, freaked Howard out.

Here's the can't miss clip:

But Richard wasn't done. He also offered to have Takei climb on top of him and do push-ups, while Richard laid there naked.

And it certainly seemed like Richard enjoyed it.

Earlier in the show, Takei bragged that he could do up to 100 push-ups, and everybody watched while he got pretty clise. Takei said that he most liked having his nose up against Richard's crotch.

But according to Howard, Richard was having a little too much fun. Howard claimed that Richard was actually getting an erection during the push-ups, although Richard insisted that he wasn't. Meanwhile, Takei said that Richard had a nice, musky smell.

Finally, Benjy came in and offered to have Takei evaluate his crotch. What followed was an extremely awkward, and embarrassing discussion in which Takei had to politely talk about Benjy, even though he didn't love his size.

One of the best parts of the show was when Howard played a clip of Takei calling into a religious radio show.

In the clip, Takei says that he was cured of his homosexuality, making the radio host extremely happy.

However, he starts "slipping back" into being gay, at which point he says he pulls out a shock device and start shocking himself in the testicles.

The radio host, and response appears to be interested in learning more about the device, including asking how to obtain one.

But Takei keeps going and start talking about lusting after Jesus, and then the host seems to catch on and becomes angry. You can listen to the entire clip here:

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