The Weeknd Performs 'Starboy' On The Ellen Show

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After a highly successful release of his Starboy album, The Weeknd took to The Ellen Show to perform for the first time on daytime television.

As DeGeneres introduced The Weeknd, she mentioned that she has been waiting for a long time to have The Weeknd on the show and that he has been compared to the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince, which happen to be some huge shoes to fill.

The host then introduced The Weeknd and his hit single "Starboy" before the singer kicked off his performance.

The Weeknd was comfortable and urged the fans to clap on with the song. His vocals were pretty amazing and he was really sounding like Michael Jackson.

With the laser lights all around him, The Weeknd delivered yet another awesome performance. Following the performance DeGeneres rushed to the stage and hugged The Weeknd telling him how much she loved him.

You can watch yet another incredible performance by The Weeknd in The Ellen Show video below.

The Weeknd Performs 'Starboy' On The Ellen Show