Howard Stern Tells Anti-Trumpers To Move On, Memet Regrets His Vote

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Howard Stern spent the morning today arguing with callers who were angry about the 2016 election. Although he was an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter, Howard wants everyone to move forward and stop being upset about the election.

When a caller called in to express his displeasure about the results, Howard Stern responded that "you have to go on with your life." But the caller wasn't satisfied.

Howard then played a clip of protesters yelling at each other, and he and Robin lamented what's happening now.

Then, Memet came on to the show to talk about how upset he was about his own vote. Memet spent the last several months talking up Trump, and he voted for Trump, but now he says he's regretful:

Memet: I do feel bad about my vote, yes.

Howard: What happened?

Memet: I went in there assuming Hillary Clinton was gonna win in an absolute sweep

Howard: That's f---- retarded

Robin: So then you're an idiot and you didn't vote the way you wanted to?

Memet: I just thought it was better to send the message that she doesn't have a complete mandate

Howard: Can you imagine if that's how Trump won -- that everyone thought like you did

Memet: When I saw her concede, I was like 'my God what have I done?'


Howard: I've never heard of voting for someone you're not for to send a message


Howard: You gotta see a psychiatrist


Memet: Well, look, I made a mistake


Howard: I'm gonna get rid of him

Toward the end of the show, another caller wanted to talk about Trump. He agreed with Howard Stern that Trump should be given a chance, but the caller said everyone needs to stand up.

Howard said there's nothing wrong with speaking out, but everyone should be rooting for Trump and this country. Nevertheless, Howard said people should wait and see before protesting.

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