Submotion Orchestra Announce New EP and Tour

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Yesterday, Submotion Orchestra, a band from Leeds, released their latest EP to the independent UK label, Circus Records.

1968 is a five track EP bound to gain positive praise due to the incredible success Submotion Orchestra's last two albums brought for the band.

"To release Submotion Orchestra on Circus Records is amazing, I've always been a big fan of their music", Flux Pavilion, the co-founder of Circus Records stated after meeting with the band and signing them to the label.

Circus Records is known to release high quality music, no matter what genre, which is right up the band's alley.

The band, consisting of seven members, doesn't fall into one particular genre of music.

Submotion Orchestra's music is a blend of electronica, jazz, dub and soul - "stunning" and "seductive" are adjectives that have been used to describe their work by The Guardian and The Times.

Submotion Orchestra's 1968 is "a masterclass in ethereal, soulful vocals that sit astride shuffling drums as on "Broken World" or "Breathe It In"", a recent press release stated.

"Lead singer Ruby's voice echoes early pop Janet Jackson on "Damn Hot" while title track "1968" is smooth and subtle, echoing piano keys gliding beneath intricate layers of sound."

Submotion Orchestra's 1968 takes a different turn in electronic music, and a brave and successful one at that - gaining continuous love from their strong and ever growing fan-base.

The band heads out in December to begin the 1968 Tour, their fourth headlining tour in Europe. Some popular stops will include Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, London, Bristol and Brighton.