The Howard Stern Show Writes Hilarious Wedding Vows for Ronnie, JD (Listen)

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Today on The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern and the crew talked weddings after JD refused to tell anybody the details of his.

But things really got wild when Ronnie got involved and his wedding vows came up. Check out some of the hilarious vows that the guys for the show came up with below.

Howard Stern Talks JD's and Ronnie's Weddings

Things were pretty heated this morning on The Howard Stern Show after the subject of JD's wedding came up.

Howard explained that JD wasn't inviting the whole Howard Stern Show crew to his wedding -- apparently because it would be a destination wedding. That set off nearly everybody in the studio, and everybody had a JD story to tell.

JD claimed that he is going to be having his wedding somewhere "out West," but he refused to give any information about where that would be.

Howard said that he isn't willing to go anywhere to attend JDs wedding, but it was only after Shuli got involved that things went to hell.

Shuli was pissed that JD wasn't going to invite him, and he started talking about how JD owed him.

That got Ronnie involved, because Ronnie thought that Shuli was taking credit for what he did. Ronnie, of course, went on an expletive laden rant about Shuli.

JD had planned to invite Ronnie to the wedding, but when Ronnie realized that he would have to pay traveling costs with his own money, he decided he didn't want to attend either.

Things got even crazier after that, as Ronnie got into a fight with Ralph. The subject of Ronnie's wedding came up. Ronnie said that he would be inviting everybody to his wedding.

That's when Howard Stern and the crew came up some vows for Ronnie:

"I told you I'd f---- you....if it was up to me, I'd f--- you forever"

"I promise to f--- your p---y for a very long time"

"I love you Stephanie without pull off your wedding dress, and let's see some masturbation"

"On your wedding day, I promise you this...rub your c--t until you piss"

"Roses are red, violets are blue. You got nice tits and a p---y too"

And here's a vow for JD:

"rrra urrhg aarrrrru errrr urhmm"

Listen to the clip below:

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