Howard Stern Show: Bobo Takes His Essay Exam...Does He Pass? (Listen)

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Today on The Howard Stern Show, Howard had Bobo on to write his essay. If you haven't been following this story, Bobo was forced to write this essay as punishment for plagiarizing the work of Greg Gutfeld of Fox.

The topic Howard chose was this: "Tell us in your own words who you think is the most unethical person in history and cite three examples why...the person and examples must be historical and verifiable, and not be anecdotal." Bobo didn't understand the question, so Howard was forced to explain it and then write it down.

You can listen to the exchange here:

At the end of the show, Howard decided to bring Bobo back into the studio to ask him how he thought he did.

Robin thought Bobo looked "a little shell shocked." But Bobo thought he did fine:

I feel okay...I mean, uh, I came up with two people...Yeah I used one but then I thought about, uh, Bernie Madoff but I couldnt spell his name.

Bobo thought the name was spelled with an "L".

Howard explained that he was worried that Bobo doesn't understand what paragraphs are.

The essay contained no formatting or spacing. To figure out how many words he wrote, Bobo said he multiplied the number of words per line by the number of lines, then "bam bam."

It turns out that Bobo choose Richard Nixon as his subject. His rationale:

You know he lied on tape and they caught him on tape...I think the financial handling of this country as well as the military...

Howard responded, "you're done."

Bobo's printing was difficult to read, and he got confused about where to continue writing after he turned the page.

The proctor who will be grading the test said that "Bobo had the focus of a student who cares about his work and...[is] a bright student, but he might not be the brightest student in the classroom."

Howard then brought Paul on the phone; he was the caller who suggested Bobo's punishment. Paul will probably be given the Bobo name if Bobo fails the test. Check out the article linked above to find out if he passes.

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