Killer Mike's Awesome Appearance On 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert'

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If you've heard of Run The Jewels you know that Killer Mike is half of the act.

He is also a civic leader and an activist making it a no-brainer for him to appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Mike appeared is his "formal sweats" which also happens to be his PTA outfit and joked about not being able to keep his pants up to break the ice. He revealed that he did not choose the stage name Killer Mike and that he would have probably been Bugatti Mike or something of the sort.

He rapped against another kid when he was younger and took the name killer with him after rapping so good.

Mike is socially active and is also working on Run The Jewels Part 3. He will be performing at Coachella once again and with all of the announcements out of the way Colbert and Mike got down to the police shootings that killed the like of Mike Brown and others.

Colbert asked Mike whether or not he believed that white people were more aware of the black lives that have been taken and Mike's response was for all of the white people watching to Google Jane Elliot.

Mike then told Colbert that if white people are just now discovering that it is bad for black or working class people in America, they're a lot more blind than he thought.

"The same problems that we're discussing today, we discussed in 1990, 1980, 1970 and 1960.

And until we call a spade a spade and we say that this problem is coming from conditions that we are creating or allowing to happen as a white group of people that hold a certain amount of power," said Mike.

Colbert asked what white people should start doing in order to help, which brought on a joke about white people getting their haircuts at a black barbershop. Mike's overall message to the white kids he talks to is to get outside the college environment, find a minority child who is doing well in school and help that child matriculate into college.

He wants them to mentor them but not to give them gifts. You can check out the full interview between Colbert and Mike below.

Killer Mike Visits The Late Show with Stephen Colbert