Chilean Pop-Rocker, Leonino, Drops New Album 'Naked Tunes' September 15th

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Coming in hot this September is the newest album from Leonino, also known as Jorge Gonzalez and previously the lead vocalist of Los Prisioneros, the most epic and iconic Chilean rock band ever known.

Between his solo work as Leonino and his work with Los Prisioneros, Gonzalez has sold over two million records to date, and with an intimate collection of songs on a new album 'Naked Tunes' dropping next Monday, September 15th on Hueso Records.

Leonino, also known as Jorge Gonzalelz, became the voice for "an entire generation of oppressed youth" in the mid 1980's, and reached extreme fame throughout not only Chile but all of Latin America.

His work with Los Prisioneros eventually led them to be front-runners of a musical resistance to Pinochet's dictatorship.

After releasing four albums with the rock band, the talented Chilean musician crossed over to venture into his own solo career, still maintaining an eclectic and inovative sound.

He is "never afraid of stating his opinions with sarcastic humor and raw talent," a recent press release described the talented work of Gonzalez, which makes him a leader in both music and political activism.

With a number of different accolades under his belt, including touring alongside Sting and Bruce Springsteen, and winner of "Best Song", "Best Album", and "Best Act" in Chile, there's no stopping Leonino in the tracks of his reigning success. His new album 'Naked Tunes' is sure to win over his wide fan base from over the years, as well as gain some newcomers for the group.

For a funky and pop Latin American sound with loads of soul, be sure to check out Leonino's upcoming album 'Naked Tunes', set for release next Monday, September 15th.