'The Voice' Judge Alicia Keys Visits The Ellen Show

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Alicia Keys is one of the newest judges on the hit show The Voice and finished up her first season.

After a successful season of being a judge on the show, the singer visited The Ellen Show to talk about the experience and her new album, HERE.

Keys and DeGeneres chatted about a contestant by the name of We McDonald who first wowed the judges with her performance of "Feeling Good." She happened to be DeGeneres' favorite contestant on the show and Keys said We went nuts when DeGeneres spoke about her.

Keys said it was an incredible opportunity to work with We and the advice she gave her.

Unfortunately Keys and We did not come out on top this season it was Blake Shelton and Sundance. Keys said she loves Sundance but was a little pissed at Shelton, in a joking manner of course.

It was all about Shelton winning all of these seasons. Adam Levine was confident that he was going to win however, Keys didn't care.

Meanwhile, Keys announced that she was signing on for another season of The Voice and started talking about HERE, which is being called Keys' best family yet. The singer spoke about her family, who are featured in her new music video for "Blended Family," a collaboration she did with ASAP Rocky.

Keys then spoke about the importance of everyone coming together for the greater good of the future.

You can check out the awesome interview with Alicia Keys from The Ellen Show in the video below.

'The Voice' Judge Alicia Keys Visits The Ellen Show