'Jeff the Drunk' Gets Raided By Police, Calls In To Howard Stern

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Howard Stern talked with 'Jeff the Drunk' today on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM.

Howard explained that Jeff has been smoking weed while broadcasting on Periscope, and there are a bunch of watchers who have been calling the police, SSI, and even homeland security.

In response to the call, the police raided Jeff's trailer, and took his drugs.

When the police showed up, Jeff was wearing the top half of a Santa suit and no pants, so the police first asked him to go inside and put on pants.

At the time of the bust, Jeff was singing karaoke. When Howard asked why he didn't hide the weed in that time, Jeff says he forgot.

Howard and the crew wonder if the police were even real, since Jeff just let them in.

During the conversation, we learn that there is a club of anti-Jeff people who are angry at him for being useless and being a jerk, and they have been calling the police to report him repeatedly.

Jeff says he never gets much weed taken because he can't afford to buy much. In response, Howard asks him why he doesn't just move his trailer to another place where weed is legal.

Jeff says he can't afford to move.

When Howard responds, all you have to do is get a tank of gas and go, Jeff says he doesn't have a steering wheel.

Later, after a lot of questioning, he explains he doesn't actually have a trailer -- it's a manufactured home.

The conversation turns to Jeff's Internet bills, which are up to $1000/month since he uses mobile data instead of home WiFi. A group of his fans send him money to pay that bill.

The fans also clean his trailer for free. When asked why he doesn't just get home Internet, he says he doesn't have a "P-O-R-D" (he spells it out). Apparently, he's trying to say port, by which he means a router.

At the end of the segment, Howard plays a clip "The Fabulous Life of Jeff the Drunk."

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