Have You Heard Future's 'Where Ya At' Featuring Drake?

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With Future's "Dirty Sprite 2 (DS2)" album just one day away, a new leaked track titled, "Where Ya At" featuring Drake has surfaced which is bound it increase the hype for the project exponentially.

(Audio Below)

"Where Ya At" is the only track on the "DS2" album that contains a feature which fans can already tell from the tracklisting. What's interesting about this track is that like many Drake features, it contains that slightly fairytale tinge with the added use of strings and triangle-like tones.

Both verses by Future and Drake are very solid as they question the so-called man who is trying to make moves with their crews, but wasn't there through the struggles and hardships of the crew.

Future and Drake are making a real statement on this track especially when Future repetitively repeats the phrase "where ya ass was at," before describing situations that arise in the past.

The "DS2" album is scheduled to be released tomorrow July 17 and a deluxe version featuring a whopping 18 tracks will be available for those who just can't get enough of Future and his incredibly catchy hooks.

If you like new wave production with a trap styled pace, you'll definitely take to "Where Ya At." Listen to the new track below.

Listen to "Where Ya At" featuring Drake below.