Lupe Fiasco Releases 'Pu$$y' Featuring Billy Blue

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When he isn't busy creating one of one verses for fans Lupe Fiasco is busy cooking up his own music and releases "Pu$$y" today.

"This year was supposed to be Lupe Fiasco's comeback, but with Tetsuo & Youth being continually delayed, it's starting to look like 2014 may be a missed opportunity for the Chicago rapper," said

"That being said, he's dropped a number of great one-off tracks, and does so again today with 'Pu$$y,' a song that features Miami native Billy Blue."

The song features the mind-bending lyrics that Fiasco is known for. Fiasco is talking about not being a p***** and always being real and according to HNHH, "the song fluctuates between socio-political commentary and free associative rhymes about cultural ephemera."

It seems if you aren't attentive while listening this track you may miss something important in terms of it's overall message. For those who are waiting on "Tetsuo & Youth," the release date has not been confirmed.

Fiasco has recently taken to his Twitter account to debate certain topics with his fans, one of those topics being someone's overall imagination.

"News flash people...Your imagination is not original! just FYI...I know you want it to be and we can imagine it is but it ain't lol," said Fiasco.

That is a very bold statement to make but this artist is someone who looks a bit deeper into most of the topics he is passionate about and that same passion is spread throughout "Pu$$y."

Listen to "Pu$$y"