EDM Duo Twoloud Starts May With Double Release

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It seems as if the masterminds behind the most anticipated act in the EDM scene at the moment don't need anything else but a vocal and a beat to live of.

Twoloud's output frequency has reached an all time high, as they push out two of their most amazing productions to this date.

Hailing over from W&W's label Mainstage Music is "Greatest DJ", quite easily the boys' best production ever.

Not only does it carve its way through the generic and ever so popular EDM sound, it's simplistic force within each sound marks a new era of rave, one that W&W describe as "astounding".

Loud, louder, and twoloud. With the solitary goal of releasing tunes that feel more like a natural disaster than a song, the mysterious group seems to find that big-room sweet spot a little too easily.

'Greatest DJ' perfectly dials in the supreme festival sound of the moment, and this song will slot nicely into just about everyone's peak-hour DJ set.

There's no easy listening here, just the kind of tune that all the greatest DJs will undoubtedly be playing soon.

The recent past has shown the artists Tiesto & twoloud have been remixing big mainstream songs such as "The Spark" by Afrojack and "Dare You" by Hardwell as well as working together on their own original song "Drop It Like This." These two forces unite once again to put out their spin on Galantis' "You" by changing the melody in the drop and delivering a new set of synths throughout to offer that festival/ragging feeling when you scream out the lyrics "I Remember YOU!" to the top of your lungs.