The Game Pays Tribute To The Notorious B.I.G.: 'Biggie Smalls' Birthday

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While The Game is known for his deep West Coast roots, he took some time to honor one of Hip-Hop's greatest rappers The Notorious B.I.G. a.k.a. Biggie Smalls, in grand Miami fashion.

Today would have been Smalls' 43rd birthday if not for the fatal drive by shooting in March of 1997. Game starting things off with a "dutchie" in memory of the Hip-Hop legend where he posted the caption that read, "This dutchie right here is a personal one B......

This between me & B.I.G...... Out in M.I.A. & I'm not passing sh*t today so don't ask !!! #HappyBdayBig #RIP."

Game is currently on the East Coast and he's flexing his cash all over social media, especially in another tribute show below as Biggie's "I Love The Dough" plays in the back ground.

You can hear Game singing the lyrics as he plays with money in front of the camera. Don't worry it doesn't look like he aims to spend all of it on his own.

"They can't control me B.... Let's f**k up some commas...

Who tryna go spend this government trap they call money in Miami wit me ??? #HappyBdayBiggie #BiggieEverythingToday #RIP #WinnersCircle," said Game in his caption inviting fans and followers to help him spend all of his dough.

The next photo posted in memory of Biggie showed Game embodying the lyrics from The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize." He's dressed in his Versace robe sipping on Ciroc and smoking up some more.

Celebrities like Biggie's right hand man Diddy and Compton sensation Kendrick Lamar, have also paid their tribute to Biggie as the rest of the Hip-Hop community remembers an artist who is always in discussion when it comes to answering the question: Who is the greatest Hip-Hop artist if all time?