El-P Takes Issue With Deadspin Writer Who Says He 'Looks Like Tim Heidecker'

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Killer Mike gave an amazingly impassioned speech about the results from Ferguson before a Run the Jewels' show in St. Louis.

Now, Run the Jewels' other half, El-P, has taken issue with a Deadspin review of that show. The review seems routine enough until you get to this strange bit of editorial oversight:

"EL-P, for his part, wasn't entirely sure what to do with himself at first; perhaps because he looks so much like Tim Heidecker, he often seems most comfortable smirking. But last night he knew just when to give Mike a hug, when to rocket the intensity level way up, and when to be silly, like when he acknowledged just how uncomfortable it suddenly was to perform, say, "Love Again (Akinyele Back)"--the song with a refrain of "Dick in her mouth all day." They mentioned the day's events a few more times, but things gradually shifted toward a normal Run the Jewels show, and a loosey-goosey one at that, with El grabbing Mike's belly and encouraging him to do goofy dances."

El-P has since responded with the following:

Deadspin has yet to reply.

Photo credit:Timothy Saccenti