Rapper Kendrick Lamar Wishes To Play A 'Killmonger-like' Villain In Black Panther 2

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Even though the first Black Panther is still out in cinemas, there is already talks of a sequel being made.

Rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar has put his name forward to be a villain for the inevitable sequel that will be made in the near future.

Kendrick Lamar was the curator for the movie soundtrack of Black Panther that shot up to the top of the Billboard music charts.

However, the talented rapper was only a part for the soundtrack and wasn't in the actual movie itself.

Thanks to Michael B Jordan's great performance as Killmonger in the first movie, Lamar has the itch to play a villain like that character in Black Panther 2.

Lamar expressed his interest in a movie role during an interview with BBC Radio 1 (via Screen Rant).

"Come on, I got to now… I really enjoyed Killmonger’s character, just off the simple fact: he was a villain but he came some real, he was dropping them jewels. He was a villain, but he was loved and misunderstood. So if I could, I’d play a Killmonger for sure."

Marvel Studios will have to briefly put on hold a direct sequel to Black Panther mainly because the characters in the movie will be involved in both Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel in 2018 and 2019 respectively. 

If Black Panther 2 is to be made, it's highly likely the earliest we will see the film is either in the years of 2020 or 2021.

I don't think Lamar has the acting experience to be the main villain of a movie, but it will be cool if he manages to at least get a small role has a henchman instead.

Anyway, the first Black Panther movie is out now in cinemas worldwide and is already a smash hit. It is by far one of the best Marvel movies released recently.  

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