What Would Your Naked And Afraid PSR Be? Take the test

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On every episode of Discovery Channel's "Naked and Afraid," contestants start with a primitive survival rating (PSR) which then gets raised or lowered depending upon how they perform on the show.

The rating takes into account their various survival skills as well as their resiliency and ability to adapt to the situations presented to them.

The people on the show get their final rating from their actual experiences, but now you can find out what your PSR would be by taking a new test at Discovery Channel's website.

The site lays it out for potential test takers before they enter:

Think you could do better in the wild than those naked guys and gals on TV? Before you experiment with getting wacky in the wilderness, see how you stack up against the Naked and Afraid castaways on our Primitive Survival Rating scale.

Take the test to see how your PSR compares to the cast's, and if you have what it takes to survive in the wild - NAKED AND AFRAID!

Take the test here.

The test has also generated a ton of user feedback. Many of the comments are about how well the test taker would do on the show.

"9.0 First try (...with no lies.) Suspiciously simplistic...But, okay," wrote "The Wildman. "I absolutely love this show! I am quite surprised by how many people lack actual abilities on this show, or don't even try.

Don't they get it? It's about survival! - Not 'surviving off others' To survive takes co-operating, working together, all input is necessary. Keep your 21st Century drama nonsense at home."

"I enjoy the show but I'm disappointed that so few survival instructors are incapable of trapping with any proficiency," wrote Bill Horton. "Water, fire, and food are available in all locations but many people drink water that isn't purified, and seem to hesitate to eat a food source raw in the absence of fire.

On one show I actually saw someone utilize a hide for leather.

Nature provides if you are capable of utilizing indigenous fauna.

Is an IQ test part of the psychological profile given prior to being cast on the show? It seems many people are lacking in general intelligence with the poor decisions they make prior to the stress that their body goes through with dehydration/starvation of the challenge."