Metallica Finally Performs 'Spit Out the Bone' Live In London

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Arguably the best song in Metallica's 'Hardwired to Self Destruct' is the thrash hit 'Spit Out the Bone'.

Fans no longer have to wait for the live version because the heavy metal legends performed the song in London, England earlier this week.

Metallica posted a video a few weeks ago of them practicing the song.

They didn't perfect the song just yet, and it seems as if the extra weeks of practicing has paid off. Every member of the band managed to put out a near flawless performance.

There was some concern initially on how good Rob Trujillo's background singing will be like. Historically the bass guitarist has usually been horrible at singing. Thankfully, he has improved on his vocal ability and his singing is on point.

Lars Ulrich seems to keep up on the drums despite this song being very fast-paced.

Kirk Hammett also does an awesome job on the solo guitar. This is not an easy song to perform, but the Metallica boys made it sound just like the studio version.

Frontman James Hetfield is arguably the best performer of the night. His vocals are accurate and he never gets anything wrong when he plays the guitar.

The band uploaded a professionally shot video of the song on YouTube. Fans don't have to rely on low quality cell phone recordings anymore!

The reason fans love this song so much is because it feels like a song the band made in the '80s. It has the thrash style sound that made the band famous in the first place.

It is a song that would fit nicely in the band's first four albums. You can check out the live performance of 'Spit Out the Bone' in the video posted down below.

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