Kevin Gates Says He Never Beefed With Another Race: Releases 'Profit' Ft. Menace & OG Boobie Black

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The outspoken rapper of 2014 Kevin Gates gives fans more new music with the release of "Profit" featuring Menace and OG Boobie Black.

He also went on record to say that he never had beef with another race other than his own.

(Audio Below)

After giving fans two freestyles with "CoCo" and "Yayo," Gates is back with a new track that features a pounding sinister beat and two heavy hitting features. Menace, Black and Gates all have very solid verses on this song that is just straight out of the streets.

It's all about the bricks, money and the guns. Gates proclaims that he is all about the profits and living the real life as he raps in this new track.

Meanwhile, Gates took to his favorite social media outlet Instagram, to lend some of his knowledge to fans.

"People say we ought-a stick together as a people, you know, as a black race and all that other s***, but I ain't never beef with no other race," said Gates.

"I swear to god every time I beef it's been with n****s and my n****s always beef with other n****s."

Meanwhile the caption of the video read, "You supposed to LOVE!!!!! all humanity #bwa #idgt."

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Gates also told his fans and followers that you should always just observe, if you don't know anyone just don't say anything to them.

He says that that is a good way to keep yourself out of trouble and away from agression.

Amen #idgt

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So just when you thought he was tired, think again, as he always says "I don't get tired!"

Listen to "Profit" featuring Menace & OG Boobie Black