Metallica Seem To Be Teasing Some Sort Of Big Announcement This Monday

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Metallica has posted an interesting teaser picture on their social media accounts today suggesting some kind of big announcement is happening early next week. This has already made fans of the band guessing what type of announcement this could be. 

As seen on Metallica's official Twitter page, all that they posted was a picture of the word 'Monday'. No other clues were shown apart from that, so it's up to us fans to guess what the band could be teasing. 

Since it's 2018, one logical guess is that the band is celebrating the 30th anniversary for the album 'And Justice for All'. That album came out on August 25th, 1988 and is still considered to be one of the band's best work. 

The band could re-release the album, although fans would like to see a remaster that will make the bass guitar more audible.

Sadly, the original recording of the album got botched as the loud drums overpowered the sound of the bass.

If not a remaster of 'And Justice for Fall', Metallica could celebrate the 30th anniversary by holding a special concert or tour.

The band have not played the entire 'And Justice for All' album in one concert so it would be cool to see them tackle every song in one night.

The band previously played entire album concerts for 'Kill em All', 'Ride the Lightning', 'Master of Puppets' and the self titled Black album.

Singing every song from 'And Justice for All' will be challenging, but it would be epic if they can pull it off.

It's hard to tell if the band will be releasing new songs or a new album since 'Hardwire to Self Destruct' already came out in late 2016.

It's possible the band could release some unreleased songs from the album like they did for the EP 'Beyond Magnetic'.

Anyway, right now it's hard to predict what the announcement will be. In either case, hopefully it's something fans will not be disappointed by. 

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