Charli XCX and Kitten Head Out on Fall Tour

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Charlotte Aitchison, better known as her stage-name, Charli XCX, headed out for her fall tour last week, with many planned stops up and down the East Coast.

Charli XCX is teaming up with DJ TWIN iDol, a producer from the UK, and Kitten, an indie-rock band from LA for their tour across North America.

The 21 year old musician teamed up with both DJ TWIN iDol and Kitten to put a spin on Kitten's "Cut It Out".

"Charli killed this remix. I knew she and TWIN iDol would come up with something great", Chloe Chaidez, Kitten's front-woman stated about the band's remix. "All I wanna do when I heard this song is move my body."

These three talented acts are bound to be performing in a town or city near you, with major hot-spots including Chicago, Columbus, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York City, Boston and Atlanta.

For a full fall tour schedule, along with other news on releases and upcoming recordings from Charli XCX and Kitten, be sure to check out their Facebook pages:

And you can also download the remix of "Cut It Out" on SoundCloud at the link below!