Migo's 'Best Group Of All Time' Grammy Meme Circulating On Twitter

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The rap supergroup Migos consisting of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff look to have a pretty dedicated fan base who has begun circulating a "Best Group of All Time" fake Grammy meme, that has even caught the eye of Funny or Die.

Yesterday Funny or Die took to tweeting the playful Meme with a very caption that screams sarcasm. Nonetheless, Migos did retweet it as well as the many fans who continued to show their support.

While some laughed at the gesture, others seemed a bit serious about their vouch for the group.

One fan actually looked as if they were caught believing the meme as they congratulated the group and even used the words "making history" in their tweet.

Nothing seems to be stopping the supergroup as they get ready for the release of their "YRN The Album" that does not have a release date as of yet. Last week the group released their first single titled, "One Time." The group has managed to amass a large following that includes 448,000 Twitter followers and a whopping 895,121 likes on Facebook.

The catchy lyrics and heavy southern beats seem to have a pretty big effect on those who listen to their music.