Have You Heard Dave Edwards' Remix of 'High On Love' By Class Actress?

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If you're a Dave Edward's fan you'll be excited to know that the EDM DJ has a new remix of Class Actress' "High On Love" track from the "Movies (Remixes)" EP and it's a pretty special edit of the track.

(Audio Stream Below)

"High On Love" in it's original form is an Alternative wonder with a late 80's or early 90's dance feel. It's the perfect base for a Dave Edwards remix and in his version of the song, he did it great justice.

In the opening of the edit you immediately feel a lighter summer dance feel.

He accentuates Elizabeth Vanessa Harper's vocals in the perfect spots and uses the chorus of the track to blend into an all out party breakdown found in many EDM tracks.

The form of building up a track and dropping the beat is of course part of Edwards' remix. It's a pretty beautiful rendition that absolutely brings light and a fresher overall sound that transforms the track into something totally different.

The Class Actress "Movies (Remixes)" EP features other songs including, "More Than You," "Gfe" and "The Limit." There are strong electronic tracks throughout the entire EP even some chill sounds like the "More Than You (Cid Rim Remix)." Check out the Edwards remix below and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Listen to Dave Edwards' remix of Class Actress' "High On Love" below.