Ro Ransom Teams Up With QuESt For 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'

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The haunting sounds of Ro Ransom's "All Dogs Go To Heaven" featuring QuESt has been released and it will either scare you or excite you.

(Audio Below)

"Although Ro's recent tape was released the day before Halloween and included some eerie sounds, 'All Dogs Go To Heaven' may be the creepiest shit yet," says HotNewHipHop's Patrick Lyons.

The song features a haunting beat that will send shivers down your spine. The beat sounds like an old intro for an R.L. Stein TV show and it is made more sinister with a deep synthesizer and a slow lurking but pounding beat.

The hook is pretty catchy and reminiscent of a Kid Cudi type sound. Ransom's verse is solid and QuESt displays his lyrical talent in prime fashion yet again.

According to, "All Dogs Go To Heaven" is, "Named after the 1989 animated film (which featured Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise's voice acting talents), the track has him name-dropping "Maneater" (Hall & Oates' song, not Nelly Furtado's.)"

The overall sound of the song makes it a pretty serious case for something that would be ideal for next years Halloween ride around town.

Listen to "All Dogs Go To Heaven"