David Guetta Updates his Spotify Playlist

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The world renowned DJ decided to update his playlist on Spotify today Oscar Sunday which is normally a day of course reserved for the movie industry. That doesn't mean you can't listen to some new music.

The David Guetta Selection as the playlist is entitled is updated weekly and it is a great place to go for some new music. Possibly music that would go unnoticed to the average listener.

That is where Guetta comes in because clearly he is spending much more time listening to music. Of course with a famous ear for talent like his he can certainly be trusted.

Guetta has new album out at the moment entitled "Listen" and some of the better songs are on the Spotify playlist. This latest release hasn't been nearly as popular as the one that preceded it but none the less it does have some work worth listening to.

Personally I think "Dangerous (Feat. Sam Martin)" is a jam and no surprise that is first on the album.

Tune in to the playlist for as many new songs as you please on a week to week basis. Everyone is looking for underrated and undiscovered songs with many not having the time to do so.

But let one of the best artists in the industry help you. Also be on the lookout for many other artist that update their playlists on the regular.