Wiz Khalifa Teases 'Rolling Papers 2' With Recent Posts

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It looks like Wiz Khalifa has made his way back into the studio to bring fans a new album. Khalifa teased the name "Papers 2" which could be short for "Rolling Papers 2" after his third studio album.

Khalifa originally posted the photo below to Instagram and then to Twitter. On Twitter, "Papers.

Two" was the caption for the photo while the original simple says, "What I'm Good At." Khalifa has been very active on social media everyday but the news of a new album is big for fans who were waiting to hear some new Wiz Khalifa tracks rather than features.

The photo that follows below shows Khalifa in the recording booth with a slightly stoned but creative look on his face.

Both Khalifa's hit "See You Again" featuring Charlie Puth and the "Furious 7" film were big winners last night at the "2015 Teen Choice Awards." Khalifa has had an incredible year so far touring with Fall Out Boy and his Billboard giant.

Now, he has joined the crew of artists that are teasing albums with his social media-photoshoot appraoch to revealing the new project. Are you excited for some new Wiz Khalifa music?


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