A$AP Ferg Seeking Beats For His New Album For 2015

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As a member of the A$AP Mob A$AP Ferg has managed to be one of the biggest front men for the rap posse and now it looks like he is already teasing the finishing touches of his album just a little over a month after releasing his "Ferg Forever" mixtape.

Ferg took to Twitter with message above asking for beats from anyone who has them and even gave an e-mail address that's specifically for the purpose of new beats.

The only stipulation made by Ferg is that the beat has to be "fire."

But it wasn't the Twitter wanted-ad that came to much surprise, Ferg then tweeted that if the beat is good enough it might just make the album. This might mean that not only is A$AP Rocky going to be releasing an album sometime this year but so is Ferg.

Both Ferg and Rocky have had major success with their music coming with Rocky leading the charge.

"It's almost done. I'm just tweaking it right now," Ferg told XXL Magazine in October 2014.

"I just want to get it in with a couple of more producers that I love, and it seems like the further I get into it I'm just trying to squeeze more magic out of it.

So I think I'm just gonna keep going until the label tells me I can't go on anymore, honestly."

2015 is shaping up to be a huge year for the A$AP Mob with the fans being just as much of a beneficiary as the artists success.