Emilio Rojas' 'The Break Up (Friends Turn To Enemies)' A Representation Of A Broken Relationship

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The new track titled, "The Break Up (Friends Turn To Enemies)" by Emilio Rojas might be the most genuine account of a relationship gone completely wrong.

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Rojas details everything that can go wrong in a toxic relationship from heated arguments leading to near abuse to cheating and other underlying issues, the lyrics of this song feel so genuine that you might think twice before entering a relationship.

Rojas is one of the most underrated rappers in Hip-Hop as his ability to formulate a story in his rhymes outweighs many in the game.

The beat is simple and haunting with an acoustic string that seems stuck in a loop. An emotional roller coaster is the best way to describe this song that speaks the truth from a man point of view in a toxic relationship, especially one for someone in the industry.

Rojas warns that "the petty s*** will kill you" in a relationship and listeners may agree if they've ever had to deal with one such as the one described in this song.

It's dark and beautiful and the story is relevant for those in a struggling relationship.

"The Break Up (Friends Turn To Enemies) Stream/Download